Templates: Process book printer spreads

Use the attached InDesign IDML files as templates for making your book’s printerspreads. Follow the instructions in the document, and you can ask me for further clarification. In most cases, if your book is to-spec and exported with bleed, you will be able to relink the example PDF to your PDF (or INDD file).

Note: The following templates are made for 5.25x6.25 inch files, which cannot be printed on 8.5x11 paper. The templates should automatically scale your layouts to 95%. The new, finished size is roughly 5x6 inches, although this is not exact.


Other page counts
Cutting and Staple Guide

The last two page of each template comprise a cutting guide that will aid in trimming your book’s pages, and it also marks staple holes for your binding. Hold the guide to a light source to check the front/back alignment of the printer.