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Timothy Samara, Drawing for Graphic Design

In some sense, every stage of the creative process is one of exploration, so it’s important to really understand what it means: investigating, without preconception, as thoroughly and objectively as possible.”


Object Identity project

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Urban Composites project

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Process Book project

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Writing and Presentations

For each project, we’ll be writing a short 250 – 300 word project statement, and then presenting your work and process to the class. Your goal for the statements is to write interesting content and explanations of your work that you will later put in your process books.

These readings are to prime you on getting started writing and then how to take your writing from Lamott’s “shitty first draft” to a finished piece of design writing. In class, we’ll be talking specifically about project statements, what those need to be, and how (and why) to write as a designer.

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Computer Skills for Designers

Technology and Technique Technology is removing the separation between creative disciplines, and this allows you to create more work that is relevant, exciting, adaptive, and provocative. Where technology is knocking down the arbitrary and traditional divisions in creative work, you will have more disciplines accessible to you. But first, a starting point. Practicing design principles is …

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This website serves to provide you with class materials and occasional reminders throughout the semester. Take a moment to review the course requirements. This is a fast-paced class that assumes existing knowledge of design principals, so you must be enrolled in Intermediate Graphic Design or have already completed it. Additionally, you will need a laptop and the Adobe …


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